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I was born with a heart to serve, and I have served in many capacities and many locations around the world during the course of my life…mostly with children and in the field of education. When the time came for me to have my own children, events conspired to send me farther on my holistic path than I had ever imagined I would go. Eventually, we figured it all out and we lived a blessed and VERY “crunchy” life in Massachusetts. I had a homeopath on speed dial, lol! I knew exactly who to turn to and where to go to keep our family healthy…and then my husband announced that we were moving to Texas! I began to worry about recreating our “crunchy” life in a state I knew virtually nothing about. Would they even support holistic living?

In June of 2015 we settled in Flower Mound and I was blessed to have the perfect people introduced to me at the perfect time to recreate our support network. It is different than the one we had in Massachusetts, perfect in it’s own way…but something kept bugging me. How can people create a holistic lifestyle? The average person has very little time or energy to seek anything new, much less take on something new! Unless something standard in their life fails them, the average person has no real cause to look outside the life they are living. But what if that new life comes seeking them? What if a FAST, EASY TO USE and FULLY COMPREHENSIVE online resource makes the process a snap?

I set out to understand the local holistic community and those who seek it out. I spent years immersing myself in the holistic community around me, talking to hundreds of businesses in the community and at fairs, expos and festivals. Talking to seekers at the fairs, expos and festivals. I wanted to know what they felt they needed…what would enable a seeker to quickly and confidently chose a given business, and what do businesses want seekers to know about them? I created WholisticConnections.com to bridge that gap and provide a fast and convenient way to connect people to a healthier lifestyle! Find local businesses, great local events, classes on every topic that interests you and information you can trust…all from experts you can connect with directly.